Sharon Field

Some things only become clear much later…

FORM Studio and Gallery
8 August to 28 August, 2016
Opening: Saturday 08 April - 6:00pm

Some things only become clear much later … is about plants (and some animals) right at the very end of their lives, but not in a morbid way.  Some things become clear much later … explores the beautiful patterns and delicate tracery of leaves, grasses and bones as they continue on their journey.  I don’t see these objects as dead – they may not be obviously animate any more, but they still contribute to the environment as they continue their change into new and increasingly delicate forms.  They now have a lyricism that was not necessarily obvious in life. It is also about relationships – of these leaves and bones to each other in life and on the paper.  They become a metaphor for other things.

The titles of the works in this exhibition are inspired by TS Eliot poems.

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