Sharon Field

Dead Leaf Dreaming: Echoes

Suki and Hugh Gallery
23 March to 7 May, 2017

Dead Leaf Dreaming:  Echoes is about the hot, dry Australian summer redolent with plants, animals, insects and artefacts, all of which reveal themselves as echoes of having been something more.  The subject matter of the works echo what was, echo colour, echo name and sound.   There is nothing large or lush, but there is a nuggetty toughness in these subjects, which is a precondition for survival in gardens and a bush heavily impacted by a hot, dry climate.

Recognising that, the subjects of these works have largely moved from a stage of active growth into their next dimension, these works capture the transition of my  subjects into new forms– these finely rendered watercolour paintings capture the beauty of a grasshopper, a leaf, a stalk of grass and the relationship of these natural forms with other more sculptural elements often found in the bush – bones, bullets, barbed wire.

The titles of the works in this exhibition are inspired by TS Eliot poems.

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