Sharon Field
Flavoparmelia rutidota (Lichen on pine tree)

Flavoparmelia rutidota (Lichen on pine tree)

Watercolour on vellum 2009

This work is painted on English Manuscript Vellum (animal hide) which is highly idiosyncratic in nature and not as easy to use as paper. Vellum presents quite a slippery surface for the paint. Traditional watercolour washes cannot be used on vellum, which cockles easily with the application of water, so a painstaking dry brush technique is necessary to apply the colour which is built up in layers. Vellum provides a lovely luminous quality to a painting.

The pine is over 100 years old. It was planted alongside what was the original road in the valley where my property is located. The spread of this pine is huge, It is one of a number now nearing the end of their lives. All the pines have patches of this beautiful and delicate lichen on their branches.

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