Sharon Field
Eucalyptus sp. (Eucalyptus Bark)

Eucalyptus sp. (Eucalyptus Bark)

Graphite on paper

Bark types roughly fall into two categories in Eucalypts. There is the persistent type, the “rough barks” (eg. stringybarks, boxes, peppermints and ironbarks) or partly or wholly regularly shedding type, the “smooth barks” (e.g. scribbly gums). The appearance of Eucalyptus bark varies with the age of the plant, the manner of bark shed, the length of the bark fibres, the degree of furrowing, the thickness, the hardness and the colour. All mature eucalypts put on an annual layer of bark, which contributes to the increasing diameter of the stems.

It is the characteristic habit of the ribbon barks along my driveway that attracted my attention — this has the bark coming off in long thin pieces but still loosely attached in some places. They can be long ribbons, firmer strips or twisted curls.

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