Sharon Field
For this is the law of life:  Book II

For this is the law of life: Book II

Watercolour and graphite
14.5 x 51cm

Here are five “pages” from a book of life with artefacts so typical of summer in the Australian bush:  the dried out husk from an acacia pod; a stalk of kangaroo grass (Themeda australis);  chewed and scarred eucalyptus leaves; a bone from a rabbit, a pest in rural areas;  yellow-winged grasshoppers (Gastrimargus musicus), a common grassland locust in Australia which displays its yellow back wings in flight, when it also emits a loud clicking sound;  wild oat husks;  and a decaying seed scale from a pine cone.  These artefacts tell a story, hence the “book” through which I can hear the sounds of the bush and feel the heat and dryness echoing off the land on a hot summer’s day.

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