Sharon Field
Because these wings are no longer wings to fly  I

Because these wings are no longer wings to fly I

Watercolour and graphite
16 x 12.5cm

This grasshopper was in full flight when it was caught in the grill of my car.  Its wings extended, its brilliant colours echo the colours of the Kangaroo Grass it was moving through.

The Yellow-winged grasshopper (Gastrimargus musicus) is a common grassland locust in Australia and India. It only displays its yellow back wings in flight, when it also emits a loud clicking sound.  Body colour varies from green to brown in normal conditions to straw-coloured when swarming.

Themeda australis, commonly known as Kangaroo Grass is an important structural component of many grasslands and is quite common around the ACT.  It does not survive well in a grazed environment and prefers soils low in fertility.  This grass provides a good groundcover for resisting invasive weeds.  This grass is very colourful.  It begins life in colours of soft green, pink, lemon and purple, with a deep maroon flower.  During the warmer months the leaves develop maroon colourings, which only add to the visual beauty of this grass.

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