Sharon Field

And how should I begin?


This is my first blog.  Here I will explain what motivates me, what drives me to do my style of botanical art.  What do I draw and paint … and why?

With my art I try to present time suspended, encapsulating both the beauty and stillness of nature and of a world in balance.

Most people record the image of plants and animals at their peak.  My focus has been a little different with subjects chosen for what they have been through.  Plants and animals remain environmentally significant as they change, decay and disintegrate.  For me a dead or decaying plant or animal is just as much an object of beauty as it was at full maturity.

My subjects display the character and the scars of a life well lived, of a purpose achieved.  People are always drawn to look at a plant in full bloom.  Few people look at the spent bloom, the broken leaf, the decaying stick.

Superficially there is the image of a plant, the subject itself; at another level is the metaphor – the passage of time, the aging of us as individuals, changing relationships, or the changes we are bringing about to our planet and the plants and animals that live here through our uncaring or thoughtless actions.

In a way similar to a portrait artist who develops a rapport with a sitter, my relationship with plants moves from viewing an object to engaging with my subjects.   I move gradually from a spatial relationship of form, proportion and structure to seeing personality, and the intricacies and experience beyond a physical form. Each work presents a vision of a truth, a moment of significance and, because of that, the promise of possibility.


In my diary:

  • 2017: Next Blog What makes beautiful botanical art? (to be posted in early June)
  • 2017: Group Exhibition, Oh Innocent Flame, South Durras, 20 – 28 May, Durras Progress Hall, Durras, NSW
  • 2017: Painting on vellum.  Teaching a class for a group based at Strathnairn Studios and Gallery, Canberra
  • 2017: Group Exhibition, Four Winds Bermagui Project.  Fresh Salt.  This is a creative response by visual artists, poets, musicians and others to eight exquisite estuaries in the far south coast of NSW, October, ANU, Canberra.
  • 2018: Artist residency with Studio Maelor, Wales, United Kingdom

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